Live model (pastel)
Lyrical composition

Exhibitions - Bio - Donations

2019 February - December Personal artshow at Desem, Place Wilson - Limoges
  April 1st International art show in Senlis – Festival of Sacred Art
2018   Artcorp Project in New York – Collective Art show presentation on screen at International art and design fairs in the United States showing my paintings on plexiglass
2017 November – December M. Immobilier Real Estate in Paris – Personal painting show - Paris
Juin Art Basel (Switzerland) - The Artbox Project – Collective art show on screen during the art fair
2016 November Personal show at Broca Hospital - Paris - "From figurative work to abstract" – Retrospective with a musical slideshow on my artwork
2015 June International Salon d'Automne in Saint-Petersbourg
June Open door studio with the art group les Lézarts de la Bièvre
October Salon d'Automne in Paris (en attente)
2014 October Athena Gallery - Civic Hall Paris 13th
2013 October Les Hivernales de Montreuil - Palais des Congrés Paris Est
2012 December Les Hivernales de Montreuil - Palais des Congrés Paris Est
2011 May La Galerie - Personal Show
2010 November Société Générale Denfert Rochereau, Paris - Personal show
  July to September 2010 Pinacotek of the Public Palace of Sanchez of Luna of Aragona, Sant'Arpino, Italy
  May >Gallery Il Ponte - Nocera Inferiore (South Italy)
2009 5 to 20 september Nogent sur Marne – Carré Coignard – Wines artshow
  18 to 27 july Painting and sculpture show in Palais des Congrés in Vittel
  22 to 25 March >International painting and sculpture show in Cannes - Silver medal reward
2008 6 june to 8 june Artshopping fair at the Carroussel of the Louvre (represented on the stand Mecenavie)
2007 26 Oct. to 3 Nov. 2007 Civic Center Paris 16 - Yearly painting art show with M. Taittinger, the mayor, attendance (Edith Piaf’s portrait)
26 April to 1st May Contemporary art market - Bastille
17 March Private show with painter Pierre Olié - Nogent sur Marne, 94
1998-2007 Open door studio with the artists of the 13th, Paris
2006 September 50th Anniversary - Painters and Sculptors art show in Taverny (95)
2005 March to September Pastel show in Honfleur (Normandie), Giverny, and Verbania (Italy) avec Art du Pastel en France
2004 November Personal pastel show at the Club Mediterranée in Paris 12
March International Pastel show in Yvetot (Normandy)
2003 May Cercle des Gobelins et des Beaux Arts -Civic Center Paris 13
Cercle des Artistes de Paris - Parc Floral - Vincennes
2002 Décember Personal pastel show at the Select in Montparnasse, Paris 14
May Lions Club International in Barbizon (Group show)
January & February Cercle des Gobelins et des Beaux-Arts, Civic Center Paris 13
2001 November Salon d'automne, Espace Auteuil, Paris, 16eme
July & August Pastel show in Feytiat/Limoges
January & February Cercle des Gobelins et des Beaux-Arts, Civic Center Paris 13
2000 July & August >Personal pastel show at Sofitel Paris Forum Rive Gauche, Paris 14
1999 October Galerie Images in San Francisco (USA) - (Group show)
April to June Chambre de Commerce franco-russe - Paris (Group show)
March Chapelle Saint-Louis, la Salpétriere - (Group show)
1995 Académie Internationale de Lutèce, Civic Center Paris 4th (Group show) Médaille de Bronze Internationale avec mention
1994 Académie Européenne des Arts. Ciney(Belgique) (Group show) Médaille de Bronze internationale


From modern figuration to lyrical abstraction

The use of soft pastel great chart of colors for many years gave me the love for colors. Three main styles characterized that period of the geometric backgrounds, the black backgrounds and the lyrical constructions. As far as my nudes and portraits’ expressionism is concerned, I owed it to the influence of Ken Paine, one of the greatest English portraitists of the last century, whom I admired and with whom I developed a real complicity for few years which helped me to get freer with my artwork.

In 2005, I left pastel on the side and I work with oil in a very different approach. First of all, using painting knife gave me the freedom I was looking for and secondly, it allowed me to forget everything I had been taught before to go my own way. This brought me naturally to abstract.

For many years, in my abstract painting, I pay more attention to the harmony of colors together even though there remains drawings’ suggestion under the heavy coats of paintings, lines or spots till they merged together to the point of disappearing’ till I worked with Plexiglas early 2015 with my stained-glass series. This interests me for three reasons: the color transparency of the painting on Plexiglas like with stained-glass, its appearance as of enameled Chinese painting and the unpredictable way colors will mix together.

Each of my painting is the result of unique moments which I try to transmit to you with colors or simply I am guided by the colors of life. Each color has a sound so let me try to have you hear it!

Art training with Ken Paine, English painter and portraitist (2001 until 2002)Academy of La Grande Chaumiere in Montparnasse, Paris - free study (Nudes and portraits) (1999-2000)Atelier of Fine Arts in Paris with Michel King, painter and great watercolor artist (1986 until 1989)Art Department of CCSF (City College of San Francisco) - 1982 until 84 et 1991 until 1992


March 2011 - Donation of a soft pastel called "Halloween" to Lenval Foundation and Hospital in Nice.

July 2010 - Donation of a drawing study of a cat's face to Brigitte Bardot's Foundation in Paris.

April 2010 - Donation of a drawing called "Sitting live model" realized with blue pastel pencil to the Maison des Artistes é  Paris for an auction whose profits will go to the Haitian artists.

January 2006 – The pastel called "the blue ceramic and the orange” with geometric background was given to the Ligue du Cancer in Paris to Professor Pujol, Chairman of the cancer research foundation. It is hanging in the reception area at 14 rue Corvisart in Paris, 13 th.

September 2005 – Donation of 4 small oil paintings to the English College, Atlantic College – which allows certain students to study at College level – which was organized by François Paul-Cavallier in Paris, psychoanalyst and art lover who studied there years ago. Their actions are at a world level and Nelson Mandela is one of their honouree member.

Art Critics

“I came up to her atelier during the artists’ open door studio of the 13 th arrondissement in Paris in 2003. She had told me that there were 4 floors to go up and not to worry to come along because of my old age. But god, I don’t regret one second having done so. I was overcome by what I discovered and I stayed a fairly long time looking at everything I could in every corner of her place. Discovering N. M. Mathieu’s work was a real surprise to me, seeing such a rich and diversified show and, especially, such an evolvement in so little time. And it is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I encourage her to keep going and never stop in this fantastic and fructuous search”. Mme Médioni, Paris, 2003

“Looking at N. M. Mathieu’s art work, painter and pastelist, one may sometimes think that it is a very discontinued work or that she is going in too many directions - as she passes from figurative work to abstraction. However she always seems animated by an inside eye (inner self) paying attention to the continuing line that she follows as well as the secret part of it. Her work is also very adventurous, even though she has always been aware of the many movements in paintings, in her quests and emotional searches : departure in 1980 to America, San Francisco, the loved city, and the discovery of a creative identity; going to the spiritual origins of her mother’s family on the Mauritius Island… the ebb and flow of the sea and the sun. She draws her own canvas – as Francis Ponge wrote about it, adventure itself as in “Alice in Wonderland” with the smile of the cat, but without the cat, towards a universe where the materiality of the world slowly disappears to come back strongly and with many colors to remind us of our delicate presence in this world”. Jacqueline Delaunay-Hologne, Art Critic, art photograph and specialist of Brancusi – January 2005